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North Road Service Lane Road Reconstruction

VCRETE were contracted by The City of Glen Eira for the reconstruction of North Road Service Road and drainage works.

The scope includes removing of existing pavement over 712Lm, removal and replacement of kerb and channel and crossovers, upgraded drainage inclusive of 2x pipe jacking services under North Road and connection into a Melbourne Water 1600mm diameter stormwater pipe and full depth pavement replacement.


Client: City of Glen Eira

Location: Ormond

Duration: July to October, 2017

Cut and Dispose: 1890m3

Pavement: 3600m2

Kerb and Channel: 770Lm

Crossovers: 830m2

Stormwater Drainage: 341Lm

Pipe Jacking: 30Lm

Equipment: Excavators, Grader, Positracks, Trucks, Rollers, Watercarts, Asphalt Pavers

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