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District Active Reserve - Hume City Council

VCRETE were contracted by Hume City Council to construct new sporting grounds to service the growing community around Roxburgh Park. The works include construction of 4 soccer fields with cricket pitches, cricket training nets, flood light facilities for all hour’s access, irrigation, car park, access paths and provision of all major services (Sewer/Water/Gas/Electricity/NBN).


This project requires the use of 3D Controlled Levelling equipment to meet the 10mm tolerance specifications.


Client: Hume City Council

Location: Roxburgh Park

Duration: February to October, 2017

Cut: 7035m3

Fill: 5008m3

Screenings: 1495m3

Turf Sand: 4985m3

Car Park Pavement: 3500m2

Kerb and Channel: 1253Lm

Crossovers: 550m2

Stormwater Drainage: 902Lm

Subsoil Drainage: 4889Lm

Equipment: Excavators, GPS Grader, GPS Positracks, Trucks, Rollers, Watercarts, Asphalt Pavers, Backhoe

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